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in Cala Gonone

Hotel Brancamaria in Cala Gonone is surrounded by one of the most enchanting landscapes of Sardinia, overlooking the unspoilt and crystal clear sea, not far from the mountains of Gennargentu and Supramonte. The perfect seaside holiday resort for anyone in pursuit of relaxation, adventure, and sports.


Excursions with skipper

Indulge your love of the sea through the unforgettable excursions organized by Hotel Brancamaria for its guests to Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala dei Gabbiani, and Cala Mariolu, even at sunrise. Besides these wonderful beaches, our guests can visit the renowned Grotte del Bue Marino and Grotta del Fico caves.

Cala Luna

Cala Luna is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, with its six caves giving onto the sand and white pebble beach, its crystal clear sea and blossoming oleanders surrounding the freshwater inland pond nearby.

The beach can be reached by sea or via a walking path suitable for hiking enthusiasts.

For those, among its guests, who are passionate sea-lovers, Hotel Brancamaria organizes some unforgettable excursions by boat to Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala dei Gabbiani, and Cala Mariolu, even at sunrise.

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu is one of the pearls of the Bay of Orosei, a white pebble beach nestled between the cliffs overhanging the crystal clear sea. Once populated by monk seals, it has been named after this scamp mammal, called “mariolu” (thief) by fishermen, since it used to rip off the content of their nets.

The natural scenery is lovely and the rare beauty of the varied seabed makes the cove ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Passionate sea-lovers can join some unforgettable excursions, organized by Hotel Brancamaria in Cala Gonone for its guests, to Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala dei Gabbiani, and Cala Mariolu, even at sunrise.

The mountains

Jeep tour in Supramonte

The National Park of the Bay of Orosei and Gennargentu is one of the most pristine wild parks in Italy, with miles and miles of unspoilt coast and mountain landscapes, encompassing the ingredients for a perfect holiday in every season of the year.

Have the exciting and unforgettable experience of walking on the highest peaks, sighting the ancient forests of the Supramonte, spotting a herd of wild sheep on the mountain ridge or watching the flight of a peregrine falcon, explore and walk along the silent canyons discovering pure breath-taking landscapes, seek for the charming core of and ancient and pristine culture in the towns of Barbagia, away from standard tourist routes. Do not miss the blissful breaks in the typical food courts of the area: “sos cuiles”, traditional huts of shepherds and goatherds. Fresh or seasoned cheese, local cold cuts and a glass of strong Cannonau are the genuine specialties that you can taste in these places. All around, the scents and aromas of the Mediterranean scrub, of wild roses and peonies.

For those, among its guests, who are passionate lovers of the wild, Hotel Brancamaria organizes adventure jeep tour to discover the Park of Gennargentu

Gorroppu Canyon

overs of trekking and hiking can join the engaging tour groups organized by Hotel Brancamaria in cooperation with the best guides in this regional area.

Not to be missed the trekking to Gola di Gorroppu, the deepest canyon in Europe.

A masterpiece of Nature, and a unique sanctuary of biodiversity, Gorroppu extends into the wild Supramonte, overlooked by huge rocks polished by the millenary corrosive action of the waters of an underground river, which springs out unexpectedly at the entrance of this natural monument.

Tiscali nuragic village

Lovers of trekking and hiking can join the engaging tour groups organized by Hotel Brancamaria in cooperation with the best guides in this regional area. Not to be missed the trekking tour to the enchanting nuragic village of Tiscali, placed among the scrub of cistus, holly oaks and pistacia terebinthus bushes, in a sinkhole in the heart of Monte Tiscali in Supramonte.

Ispinigoli cave

Hotel Brancamaria also arranges excursions to Grotta di Ispinigoli, renowned for its wide room dominated by a 38-meter stalagmite column joining the vault to the base of the cave. The sides of the room are all sculptured with limestone slides and concretions of extraordinary beauty. Jewellery hailing from Nuragic, Punic, and Roman settlements have been found in the well-known hole inside the cave, the so-called “Abyss of the Virgins”, as a testimony of the centuries-old habit of using the karst cave as a place for burial and worship.


Cala Gonone Aquarium

The modern facility of the Aquarium of Cala Gonone, set in a park of luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, includes 25 display tanks, and its route takes visitors across the Mediterranean flora and fauna, up to a small selection of corals and colourful tropical species.

For those among its guests who are fond of marine life, Hotel Brancamaria organizes unforgettable visits to the Aquarium of Cala Gonone at discounted prices.

"S'Abba Frisca" park museum

S'Abba Frisca Park Museum has been named after the water spring bearing the same name. Located in the countryside of Dorgali, near the cave of Ispinigoli and the beaches of Cala Cartoe and Cala Osala, it offers a nature trail of special ethnographic interest, particularly rich in local flora and fauna, and where you can visit the traditional environments of the Barbagian culture.

A typical week at the Hotel Brancamaria

The variety of the offerings at the Hotel Brancamaria allows everyone to create their own individual ideal experience: choose from one of the many solutions on offer, including walks, excursions, sporting events and concerts... and our receptionists will help you to organise whatever takes your fancy! On the basis of the activities that are most requested, we have drawn up an example plan for a week at the hotel:
  • Monday

    Nel Blu dipinto di blu

    You can choose to take unforgettable boat or kayaking trips in the Gulf of Orosei and enjoy the magic of the beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala dei Gabbiani and Cala Mariolu, even at sunrise. Go snorkelling or, for the more adventurous amongst you, diving into the deepest blue. In addition to the wonderful coves, you can also visit the famous Grotta del Bue Marino, a natural spectacle which is easily reached by sea thanks to the maritime transport service of Cala Gonone or on foot, by following a scenic path that winds along the coastline.

  • Tuesday

    Sardinian dinner and canto a tenore

    The canto a tenore, a style of singing with four voices, is an artistic and musical expression with local origins, a pure expression of the local farming world, so characteristic that in 2005, it was named by UNESCO as a piece of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Due to its uniqueness and beauty, we offer an opportunity to hear it live during our Tuesday evening Sardinian dinner, allowing you to enjoy an evening soaking in the local culture. The traditional menu is based on local cured meats and cheeses, boiled mutton with potatoes and roast suckling pig, pane carasau and Cannonau wine

  • Wednesday

    The wine and oil roads

    For those who prefer to shy away from adventure in favour of high-quality gastronomical experiences, Dorgali is the paradise of flavour: thanks to its privileged location and the variety of the land, it has always been an area dedicated to the production of Cannonau wines and high-quality extra virgin olive oil full of character. Should you choose to take the food and wine tour, you will be guided through timeless vineyards and olive groves on a journey of discovery of the flavours of yesteryear.

  • Thursday

    Archaeology Tour

    If you want to discover the myths and history of the Nuragic Civilisation, which flourished in Sardinia from the Bronze Age, we recommend our Archaeology Tour. Over the course of half a day, you will visit:

    The nuragic village of Serra Orrios, one of the largest and best-preserved on the island, comprising 49 huts with additional rooms and structures to protect animals, two small megaron temples with their attached sacred enclosure, and the assembly hut;

    the Tomb of the Giants of S’Ena ‘e Thomes, which dates back to the Early Bronze Age (1800-1600 BC), one of the most impressive and striking monuments of Sardinian prehistory, linked to ancestral funeral rites and the worship of ancestors;

    the Ispinigoli cave, which features a vast stalagmitic column which stands at 38 metres tall, used in the Nuragic, Punic and Roman times as a burial ground and place of worship. Finally, if you would like to discover the other archaeological wonders of the Dorgali area of your own accord, you need only ask our receptionists for information, and they will be able to guide you to the nearest sites, including, for example, the complex of Nuraghe Mannu or the Dolmen di MonteLongu. For a broader approach, on the other hand, we would recommend a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Dorgali

  • Friday

    Jeep tour in the Supramonte

    The National Park of Gennargentu and the Gulf of Orosei is one of the most wild, untouched natural parks in Italy. You can have a thrilling experience following the ancient tracks of the Supramonte, once trodden by goatherds and coal merchants, between ancient sheepfolds, algid limestone peaks and noble juniper trunks. Along the paths to reach the majestic Gola di Gorroppu or the mysterious Nuragic village atop Mount Tiscali, you can follow in the footsteps of a herd of mouflons or the flight of a peregrine falcon, surrounded by the scents and aromas of the Mediterranean maquis. One unmissable feature is undoubtedly an indulgent break at the area’s typical eateries: sos cuiles, the traditional shepherds’ huts.

  • Saturday

    On the trail of the artisans

    Dorgali is the centre of crafts par excellence! If you are looking for a unique, exclusive souvenir, you’ve come to the right place! Along the main streets, Via La Marmora and Corso Umberto, and in the quaint little lanes parallel to them, you will come across a vast range of small shops where Dorgali artisans are ever working on some unique and original creation, be it jewellery, textiles, leather, wood or ceramics. Small works of island art which inject left into a truly lively local market.

  • Sunday

    Visit to the aquarium

    For lovers of the sea and scientific curiosities, we offer - at a reduced price - an unforgettable visit to the Cala Gonone Aquarium, ideal for families with children. The modern structure of the Aquarium, which is nestled in a park of splendid Mediterranean maquis, features 25 observation tanks with a route through them allowing visitors to discover the animal and plant life of the Mediterranean Sea and a small selection of corals and colourful tropical species.

Hotel Brancamaria is located at the entrance of Cala Gonone, in the province area of Nuoro, on the Central Eastern coast of Sardinia, an hour away from the harbour and international airport of Olbia Costa Smeralda.
Thanks to our free shuttle service you canreach the beaches of Cala Gonone and the port in comfort, enjoying the peace and quiet that only the Brancamaria can give your holiday, even during the high season

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